Charleston School of Law Tuition and Financial Aid

2024 Tuition & Fees

The 2024 tuition & fees at Charleston School of Law is $46,134 according to the Charleston School of Law Bursar/Financial Office. Compared to private law schools in U.S., Charleston School of Law' tuition is slightly lower than the average tuition of $55,993.

Law School Tuition Comparison Table & Chart

The following table & chart compares Charleston School of Law's tuition with other law schools by location and school type. Comparisons can help you make decisions and prepare life as a law school student and beyond.
2024 Charleston School of Law Tuition & Fees and Comparison
Charleston School of Law$46,134
All Law Schools$30,198$50,429
Charleston School of Law Tuition & Fees Chart

Law School Tuition Changes Over Past 5 Years

The tuition & fees at Charleston School of Law has increased by 3.13% compared to last year. It has increased by 9.49% over the past 6 years from $42,134 to $46,134.
The 2025 estimated tuition & fees is $47,578 with $1,444 increase, if the this year's increase rate is applied. Based on the average increase rate over past 5 years, the 2025 estimated tuition & fees is $47,010, which is $876 more than this year.
Charleston School of Law Tuition Trends Chart

Cost of Attendance with Living Costs, Books & Supplies, and Personal Expenses

The 2024 cost of attendance at Charleston School of Law is $73,886. It includes tuition & fees, living costs, costs for books & supplies, transportation & travel costs, and other living expenses, but may exclude health insurance fee, loan fee, and required exam fee. After receiving grants and scholarships, the COA down to $58,636. For detailed costs breakdown, see Charleston School of Law's bursar/financial aid page.
Charleston School of Law Cost of Attendance
Cost of Attendance$73,886
Tuition & Fees$46,134
Room & Board, Transportation$16,038
Other Expenses$10,464
COA after Grants/Scholarships Received$58,636
Average Grants/Scholarships Amount$15,250

Financial Aid Statistics

Grants and Scholarships Received

In 2023, 93.97% of enrolled law school students received grants and/or scholarships and the average received amount is $15,250 at Charleston School of Law.
Compared to law schools in U.S., the percentage of grants received at Charleston School of Law is higher than the average percentage of 79.82%.
Charleston School of Law Grants/Scholarships Received
Percent ReceivedAverage Amount
Charleston School of Law93.97%$15,250
All Law Schools79.82%$21,012

Grants/Scholarships Amount in 25th, 50th, 75th Percentile

For 597 enrolled students, 561 students 93.97% received grants and/or scholarships.
For students received grants and scholarships, the 75th percentile amount is $28,000 and the 25th percentile amount is $10,000.
The Grants/Scholarship Amount by Percentile
Total Enrollment597
Grants/Scholarships Received561
Percent Received93.97%
Received Amount
25th Percentile$10,000
50th Percentile$15,250
70th Percentile$28,000

How much of Tuition will Financial Aid Cover?

Of those who received financial aid, 59.36% of students received grants and/or scholarships less than the half amount of tuition & fees and 40.64% received more than half but less than full amount of tuition.
How Much Tuition Covered by Grants and Scholarships
Number Received561
Half or Less than Tuition59.36%
Half to Full Tuition40.64%
Full Tuition0.00%
More than Full Tuition0.00%