Oldest Law Schools with Long History

121 Law Schools Established Over 100 Years Ago

Among 196 ABA-accredited law schools, Marshall-Wythe School of Law is the oldest school. It established in 1779 and is serving for 185 years excepts 59 years closing which is closed in 1861 and reopened in 1920.
Harvard Law School and University of Maryland School of Law have also long histories established in 1817 and 1823 respectively.
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Top 25 Oldest Law Schools

The following table lists the top 25 Oldest Law Schools.
The average acceptance rate of the schools is 40.93% and the yield is 31.46%. The average LSAT score submitted by enrolled students is 158 and the average GPA is 3.58 at Oldest Law Schools.
The average 2024 tuition & fees is $30,198 state residents and $43,313 for out-of-state students. In private law schools, the tuition & fees is $55,993. The average financial aid amount is $21,012 which is 41.67% of tuition & fees.
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RankSchoolEstablishedEnrollmentTuition & Fees (2024)Acceptance RateLSAT ScoreBar Exam Pass Rate
1 Marshall-Wythe School of LawPublicWilliamsburg, VA1779662$66,04346.01%16593.90%
2 Harvard Law SchoolPrivateCambridge, MA18172,029$75,00810.06%17498.46%
3 University of Maryland School of LawPublicBaltimore, MD1823800$52,53829.49%16380.00%
4 University of Virginia School of LawPublicCharlottesville, VA1826950$74,20012.88%17195.36%
5 University of Cincinnati College of LawPublicCincinnati, OH1833430$29,01044.80%15879.31%
6 Penn State Dickinson LawPublicCarlisle, PA1834279$57,90236.80%16188.31%
6 Penn State LawPublicUniversity Park, PA1834632$56,43630.86%16286.29%
8 New York University School of LawPrivateNew York, NY18352,136$80,01415.65%17294.90%
9 Maurer School of LawPublicBloomington, IN1842619$62,52643.35%16482.46%
10 Saint Louis University School of LawPrivateQueens, NY1843594$48,59461.16%15672.83%
10 Yale Law SchoolPrivateNew Haven, CT1843736$73,8655.72%17595.77%
12 Baylor Law SchoolPrivateWaco, TX1845475$61,87723.87%16391.97%
12 University of North Carolina School of LawPublicChapel Hill, NC1845592$48,20414.61%16693.75%
14 Louis D. Brandeis School of LawPublicLouisville, LA1846365$30,40054.21%15665.59%
15 Cumberland School of LawPrivateBirmingham, AL1847535$45,23662.15%15583.69%
15 Tulane University School of LawPrivateNew Orleans, LA1847921$67,78043.29%16174.70%
17 Washington and Lee University School of LawPrivateLexington, VA1849376$55,55032.71%16490.27%
18 University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolPrivatePhiladelphia, PA18501,088$76,9349.74%17293.77%
18 University of Pittsburgh Law SchoolPublicPittsburgh, PA1850529$50,63433.20%16176.47%
20 Albany Law SchoolPrivateAlbany, NY1851677$58,23450.15%15570.81%
21 University of Mississippi School of LawPublicUniversity, MS1854550$38,88041.09%15764.89%
22 Columbia Law SchoolPrivateNew York, NY18581,783$81,29211.93%17393.72%
23 University of Georgia School of LawPublicAthens, GA1859703$37,75214.83%16889.06%
23 University of Michigan Law SchoolPublicAnn Arbor, MI18591,019$72,58413.51%17195.48%
23 Northwestern Pritzker School of LawPrivateChicago, IL18591,354$74,55215.05%17192.89%