Top Public Law Schools

There are 86 public law schools accredited by ABA (American Bar Association). The tuition & fees is relatively affordable compared to private law schools.
For the academic year 2023-2024, the average tuition & fees at public law schools is $30,419 for state residents and $43,495 for out-of-state students. (The average tuition at private schools is $55,993.)
University of Virginia School of Law ranked first among public law schools. Its LSAT score is 171 and the acceptance rate is 12.88%. University of Michigan Law School and Berkeley School of Law follow it in public law school rankings.
The following table lists the top 25 public law schools. The ranking is based on the LSAT score & GPA, acceptance rate, yield, tuition, and more characteristics of law schools. You can sort the table by a column by clicking/touching the column title.
RankSchoolAcceptance RateYieldApplication FeeTuition & Fees (2024)LSAT ScoreGPAEnrollment
1 University of Virginia School of LawPublicCharlottesville, VA12.88%39.00%$85$74,2001713.94950
2 University of Michigan Law SchoolPublicAnn Arbor, MI13.51%36.33%$75$72,5841713.831,019
3 Berkeley School of LawPublicBerkeley, CA12.47%29.95%$75$74,9951703.831,349
4 Los Angeles School of LawPublicLos Angeles, CA15.50%24.38%$75$68,7001713.901,335
5 University of Texas School of LawPublicAustin, TX14.56%28.66%$70$54,0961703.841,030
6 University of North Carolina School of LawPublicChapel Hill, NC14.61%44.06%$75$48,2041663.77592
7 University of Georgia School of LawPublicAthens, GA14.83%37.21%$50$37,7521683.87703
8 University of Minnesota Law SchoolPublicMinneapolis, MN37.17%26.89%$60$58,3961683.83718
9 George Mason University School of LawPublicArlington, VA19.63%38.31%$70$42,7981663.83837
10 University of Wisconsin Law SchoolPublicMadison, MI35.18%33.70%$60$52,8931653.73803
11 Levin College of LawPublicGainesville, FL16.94%27.75%$30$38,0401693.90799
12 The University of Alabama School of LawPublicTuscaloosa, AL25.78%32.81%$40$44,4701663.95479
13 S.J. Quinney College of LawPublicSalt Lake City, UT31.95%30.94%$60$43,5981633.87306
14 Irvine School of LawPublicIrvine, CA19.45%31.01%No Fee$68,1901673.72519
15 Texas A&M University School of LawPublicFort Worth, TX16.33%19.05%$65$48,6181643.931,404
16 Marshall-Wythe School of LawPublicWilliamsburg, VA46.01%29.76%$85$66,0431653.75662
17 Michael E. Moritz College of LawPublicColumbus, OH37.11%25.74%$60$49,2921643.86560
18 University of Illinois College of LawPublicChampaign, IL34.74%22.77%No Fee$51,8931663.71718
19 Maurer School of LawPublicBloomington, IN43.35%25.17%$50$62,5261643.81619
20 Davis School of Law PublicDavis, CA25.18%22.44%No Fee$67,1641653.70699
21 Florida International University College of LawPublicMiami, FL22.60%29.46%$20$36,0491603.72563
22 Florida State University College of LawPublicTallahassee, FL19.58%23.20%$30$40,7051653.831,224
23 University of Iowa College of LawPublicIowa City, IA41.28%23.93%No Fee$51,9551633.66548
24 University of Missouri School of LawPublicColumbia, MO51.38%40.38%$60$29,8771603.70405
25 Wayne State University Law SchoolPublicDetroit, MI35.49%41.39%No Fee$41,3881613.80442