Tightest Law Schools To Admit with the Lowest Acceptance Rate

An acceptance rate is the ratio of the number of admitted applicants to the total number of applicants. In general, the law school acceptance rate is much lower than the rate in general college admission. In 2022, the law school acceptance rate is 40.11% over 196 ABA accredited law school in United States. A total of 475,703 students applied to law school(s) and 135,643 students accepted on or more law schools.
Yale Law School has the lowest acceptance rate of 4.12%. Stanford Law School and Harvard Law School follow it with 6.28% and 6.90% acceptance rate respectively.
The following table lists the top 25 law schools having the lowest acceptance rate. You can sort the table by a column by clicking/touching the column title.
RankSchoolAcceptance RateYieldApplication FeeTuition & FeesLSAT ScoreGPAEnrollment
1 Yale Law SchoolPrivateNew Haven, CT4.12%70.09%$85$71,4251743.94734
2 Stanford Law SchoolPrivateStanford, CA6.28%45.10%$85$68,9971723.91613
3 Harvard Law SchoolPrivateCambridge, MA6.90%54.01%$85$71,7341743.921,907
4 University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolPrivatePhiladelphia, PA9.39%35.96%$80$73,0081713.901,023
5 University of Virginia School of LawPublicCharlottesville, VA9.66%42.00%$85$71,5001713.91936
6 University of Michigan Law SchoolPublicAnn Arbor, MI10.65%33.21%$75$69,8081713.841,012
7 Columbia Law SchoolPrivateNew York, NY11.42%39.44%$85$78,2781743.841,520
8 University of Chicago Law SchoolPrivateChicago, IL11.91%22.55%$90$73,1851723.91669
9 Georgetown University Law CenterPrivateWashington, DC12.88%28.58%$85$71,9961713.852,712
10 Gould School of LawPrivateLos Angeles, CA12.96%22.91%$75$74,1731683.821,414
11 Berkeley School of LawPublicBerkeley, CA13.66%31.58%$75$67,7811693.831,235
12 Northwestern Pritzker School of LawPrivateChicago, IL13.91%22.70%$75$72,2121713.861,181
13 Vanderbilt University Law SchoolPrivateNashville, TN14.25%15.19%$70$67,3961693.89552
14 Duke University School of LawPrivateDurham, NC14.45%26.91%$80$72,6321703.82848
15 New York University School of LawPrivateNew York, NY14.52%29.43%$85$76,2901723.862,430
16 University of Texas School of LawPublicAustin, TX15.24%34.10%$70$54,0961693.801,015
17 Cornell Law SchoolPrivateIthaca, NY15.41%20.56%$80$74,1841713.86737
18 Los Angeles School of LawPublicLos Angeles, CA15.43%28.33%$75$64,4261703.821,184
19 University of North Carolina School of LawPublicChapel Hill, NC15.46%44.92%$75$44,7041643.73589
20 Washington University School of LawPrivateSt. Louis, MO15.88%27.38%No Fee$65,2041703.931,511
21 Irvine School of LawPublicIrvine, CA16.83%27.39%No Fee$64,2181673.69479
22 Levin College of LawPublicGainesville, FL17.43%33.98%$30$38,0401673.86805
23 Notre Dame Law SchoolPrivateNotre Dame, IL17.51%27.51%$75$65,9361683.77573
24 Fordham University School of LawPrivateNew York, NY17.69%31.28%$75$66,7501663.701,754
25 Villanova University School of LawPrivateVillanova, PA17.80%40.83%$75$53,5351623.70677