Dedman School of Law

Dallas, TX Private ABA Accredited

Dedman School of Law Academic Overview

Founded in 1911, Dedman School of Law is a private law school located in Dallas, Texas. Dedman School of Law is a law school of the Southern Methodist University. Last year, 221 students newly enrolled to the school and the total number of law school students is 769. With 142 faculties, the students to faculty ratio is 6 to 1.
The acceptance rate is 33.91% and the enrollment rate (yield) is 28.93% at Dedman School of Law. The average LSAT score submitted by enrolled students is 164 and the average GPA is 3.71. You can check the detailed admission score and statistics.
The bar exam pass rate is 85.28%. For the 220 graduates in 2022, 206 students got full-time jobs and 1 got part-time jobs. You can check the employment summary by hiring status, position type, business, and more for Dedman School of Law.

2024 Tuition & fees

The 2024 Dedman School of Law tuition & fee is $63,502 for prospective students. The tuition & fees increased by 4.00% compared to last year from $61,058 to $63,502.
96.56% of full-time students received grants and/or scholarships and the average grants amount is $24,000 at Dedman School of Law. The average grant amount would cover 37.79% of tuition & fees.
2024 Tuition & fees$63,502
2023 Tuition & fees$61,058
Average Grant Amount$24,000
Grant Received96.56%

Dedman School of Law Directory Information

Dedman School of Law's calendar type is Semester system. An academic year starts August, January, June and JD degree is conferred in May, August, December. In order to earn JD degree, a student must receive credit for 87 credit hours of course work.
The application deadline for fall term 2024 enrollment is March 1, 2022. The application fee for full-time J.D. program is $75. The application can be waived for applicants who apply on or before priority deadline. Contact school's admission office (see directory information below) for eligibility.