Loyola Law School Bar Exam Statistics

Bar Exam Pass Rate

The 2022 bar exam pass rate at Loyola Law School is 88.16% - 321 applied and 283 passed. Compared to other law schools, Loyola Law School's pass rate is similar to the average rate of 81%. Compared to law schools in California, Loyola Law School's pass rate is slightly higher than the average rate of 80%.
Bar Exam Pass Rate
Loyola Law School88.16%
All Law Schools80.72%
California Law Schools80.17%

Number of Graduates and Bar Exam Statistics

Below table shows the number of graduates, bar exam takers and passer over past 3 years at Loyola Law School.
Total GraduatesNot Take ExamPrior/Early Exam TakersTotal Exam TakersExam PassersPass Rate
2020276 31 27 272 195 71.69%
2021320 33 23 310 241 77.74%
2022324 31 28 321 283 88.16%