18 California Law Schools Comparison

There are 18 ABA-accredited law schools in California as of 2023. By school type, 5 law schools are public and 13 are private. Stanford Law School ranked first among California law schools with #3 in overall law school ranking.
In addition, there are 20 CA-accredited law schools. You can check and compare them in the state-accredited comparison table below.
The below list summarizes the 2023 important law schools statistics for California ABA-accredited law schools.
  • The average LSAT Score of California law schools is 161.
  • The average GPA is 3.60.
  • The average acceptance rate is 31.67%.
  • The average yield (i.e. enrollment rate) is 26.51%.
  • In public California law schools, the 2024 average tuition & fees is $55,632 for state residents and $66,851 for out-of-state students.
  • In private California law schools, the 2024 average tuition & fees is $62,133.
  • Total 15,064 students have attended California law schools in 2023 and each school had 837 law school students in average.
  • A total of 3,731 students have newly enrolled (first-time students) 2023 and , in average, a law school had 207 first-time students last year.
  • Total 144 faculties have worked for California law schools.
  • The average bar exam pass rate is 72.35%.

List of California Law Schools and Comparison

The following table lists 18 California law schools with important statistics including tuition and LSAT scores. You can compare them with the information and sort the table by each column that you want. The ranking is for all ABA-accredited law school. It is computed based on a number of factors including the admission scores, number of faculties, bar pass rate, acceptance rate, and employment statistics.
California Law Schools Comparison Table
SchoolRankingFounded2024 TuitionFinancial AidLSATGPAAcceptance RateYieldBar Pass RatePopulationStudents to Faculty
Stanford Law SchoolPrivateStanford, CA31893$73,713$35,4571733.926.88%47.32%94.41%6903 to 1
Berkeley School of LawPublicBerkeley, CA111894$74,995$25,0001703.8312.47%29.95%93.35%1,3494 to 1
Los Angeles School of LawPublicLos Angeles, CA141949$68,700$17,8671713.9015.50%24.38%92.47%1,3356 to 1
Gould School of LawPrivateLos Angeles, CA201896$78,038$35,0001683.8712.70%29.26%89.00%1,52110 to 1
Irvine School of LawPublicIrvine, CA332009$68,190$20,0001673.7219.45%31.01%84.40%5193 to 1
Davis School of Law PublicDavis, CA451965$67,164$22,5001653.7025.18%22.44%81.78%6996 to 1
Loyola Law SchoolPrivateLos Angeles, CA591920$65,912$40,0001613.6934.42%25.79%79.94%1,1247 to 1
University of San Diego School of LawPrivateSan Diego, CA711954$62,981$31,0001613.7434.48%21.11%76.33%8375 to 1
Pepperdine University School of LawPrivateMalibu, CA721971$68,046$35,0001643.8527.68%17.02%79.50%1,22210 to 1
Hastings College of the LawPublicSan Francisco, CA761878$55,207$15,3001603.5928.95%31.07%70.92%1,1775 to 1
Chapman University School of LawPrivateOrange, CA911995$61,286$45,3001613.6328.70%24.96%74.29%4394 to 1
Southwestern Law SchoolPrivateLos Angeles, CA1231911$58,392$25,9101543.3650.35%36.30%60.14%9287 to 1
McGeorge School of LawPrivateSacramento, CA1451924$59,580$32,4001553.4755.33%31.79%57.52%6157 to 1
University of San Francisco School of LawPrivateSan Francisco, CA1491912$54,250$30,0001553.4246.35%13.35%58.06%5589 to 1
Santa Clara University School of LawPrivateSanta Clara, CA1541912$59,254$25,0001583.4252.29%19.34%64.62%6735 to 1
California Western School of LawPrivateSan Diego, CA1711924$60,430$34,6721533.3549.26%25.26%53.49%7397 to 1
Golden Gate University-San Francisco School of LawPrivateSan Francisco, CA1901901$56,000$34,0001543.1525.53%11.61%45.38%3494 to 1
Western State College of LawPrivateIrvine, CA-1966$49,848$22,5651513.2344.61%35.16%46.67%2905 to 1

List of California-accredited Law Schools (Non-ABA)

The following table lists 20 California-accredited law schools with tuition and admission information You can compare them with the information and sort the table by each column that you want.
California-accredited Law Schools Comparison Table
SchoolFoundedCityTuitionAdmission Info
Cal Northern School of Law PrivateChico, CA1992Chico$21,000https://calnorthern.edu/admissions/
Empire College School of LawPrivateSanta Rosa, CA1972Santa Rosa$22,500https://law.empcol.edu/school-of-law-programs/law-school-data-disclosures/
Glendale University College of LawPrivateGlendale, CA1798Glendale$24,095https://www.glendalelaw.edu/how-to-apply/
JFK School of LawPrivateSan Diego, CA1965San Diego$22,167https://www.ncu.edu/law/admissions
Lincoln Law School of SacramentoPrivateSacramento, CA1969Sacramento$14,300https://www.lincolnlaw.edu/new-students/admissions/
Lincoln Law School of San JosePrivateSan Jose, CA1919San Jose$22,000https://lincolnlawschool.edu/admissions/
Monterey College of LawPrivateSeaside, CA1972Seaside$24,300https://www.montereylaw.edu/admissions/Apply%20for%20Admission.html
Northwestern California University School of LawPrivateSacramento, CA1982Sacramento$3,900https://nwculaw.edu/school-information/admissions
San Francisco Law SchoolPrivateEmeryville, CA1909Emeryville$977https://www.alliant.edu/admissions/graduate
San Joaquin College of LawPrivateClovis, CA1969Clovis$22,195https://www.sjcl.edu/index.php/admissions/admissions
The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law at VenturaPrivateVentura, CA1969Ventura$19,152https://www.collegesoflaw.edu/admissions/
The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law at Santa BarbaraPrivateSanta Barbara, CA1969Santa Barbara$19,152https://www.collegesoflaw.edu/admissions/
St. Francis School of LawPrivateNewport Beach, CA2011Newport Beach$13,000https://stfrancislaw.com/admissions/admissions-schedule/
Thomas Jefferson School of LawPrivateSan Diego, CA1969San Diego$30,800https://www.tjsl.edu/juris-doctor
Trinity Law SchoolPrivateSanta Ana, CA1980Santa Ana$32,100https://tls.edu/admission-requirements/
San Luis Obispo College of LawPrivateSan Luis Obispo, CA2015San Luis Obispo$24,300https://www.montereylaw.edu/admissions/Apply%20for%20Admission.html
University of West Los Angeles School of LawPrivateInglewood, CA1966Inglewood$26,066https://www.uwla.edu/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=321740&type=d&pREC_ID=606604
University of La Verne College of LawPrivateOntario, CA1970Ontario$31,687https://law.laverne.edu/admission/
Concord Law SchoolPrivateLos Angeles, CA1998Los Angeles$12,420https://www.concordlawschool.edu/admissions/
Kern County College of LawPrivateBakersfield, CA2017Bakersfield$24,300https://montereylaw.edu/admissions/Apply%20for%20Admission.html