Law Schools with Generous Scholarships that Mostly Cover Tuition

41.67% of Law School Tuition Covered by Financial Aid

Law school tuition is expensive, even in public schools. Most students need financial help and most law school gives opportunities for grants and scholarships. For the academic year 2022-2023, the average amount of grants and/or scholarships is $15,574 in public law schools and $25,263 in private law schools. It is 35.96% and 45.12% of tuition costs, in public and private schools respectively.
Penn State Dickinson Law has the most students who received grants and/or scholarships of at least half of the tuition amount. 90.12% of full-time students received financial aid more than half amount of tuition.
Marshall-Wythe School of Law and Michigan State University College of Law also offer generous financial aid and most students received a substantial portion of the tuition amount.

Top 25 Law Schools with Best Financial Aid

The following table lists the top 25 Law Schools with Best Financial Aid.
The average acceptance rate of the schools is 40.93% and the yield is 31.46%. The average LSAT score submitted by enrolled students is 158 and the average GPA is 3.58 at Law Schools with Best Financial Aid.
The average 2024 tuition & fees is $30,198 state residents and $43,313 for out-of-state students. In private law schools, the tuition & fees is $55,993. The average financial aid amount is $21,012 which is 41.67% of tuition & fees.
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RankSchoolFull-time TotalGrants / Scholarships ReceivedLess than Half of TuitionHalf to Full TuitionFull or more than TuitionAverage Financial Aid Amount2024 Tuition
1 Penn State Dickinson LawPublicCarlisle, PA2432412267152$51,840$57,902
2 Marshall-Wythe School of LawPublicWilliamsburg, VA64061818240036$25,000$66,043
3 Michigan State University College of LawPrivateEast Lansing, MI63261016037575$28,000$47,984
4 University of Cincinnati College of LawPublicCincinnati, OH39136810222046$16,000$29,010
5 University of Wisconsin Law SchoolPublicMadison, MI75266817645339$25,000$52,893
6 Maurer School of LawPublicBloomington, IN534525147234143$31,500$62,526
7 Washington and Lee University School of LawPrivateLexington, VA3613521252270$33,500$55,550
8 Drake University Law SchoolPrivateDes Moines, IA3362767716039$29,000$48,410
9 Duncan School of LawPrivateKnoxville, TN2982969417626$25,280$41,310
10 University of Nebraska - Lincoln College of LawPublicLincoln, NE39830550140115$13,524$37,442
11 Penn State LawPublicUniversity Park, PA37837722149206$49,896$56,436
12 Claude W. Pettit College of LawPrivateAda, OH14813638953$20,750$34,650
13 University of Minnesota Law SchoolPublicMinneapolis, MN6745751903769$35,000$58,396
14 Ave Maria School of LawPrivateNaples, FL308222679065$36,000$49,656
15 Benjamin N. Cardozo School of LawPrivateNew York, NY90986531053817$40,000$70,646
16 William S. Boyd School of LawPublicLas Vegas, NV38530063123114$18,900$42,168
17 Wake Forest University School of LawPrivateWinston-Salem, NC46544312228833$36,000$54,192
18 Washburn University School of LawPublicTopeka, KS3302459110252$17,000$39,900
19 Wayne State University Law SchoolPublicDetroit, MI34827749109119$23,530$41,388
20 Golden Gate University-San Francisco School of LawPrivateSan Francisco, CA37130412533146$34,000$56,000
21 Gonzaga University School of LawPrivateSpokane, MA43242216924310$27,844$53,604
22 Emory University School of LawPrivateAtlanta, GA78877933842615$35,000$65,510
23 Southern Illinois University School of LawPublicCarbondale, IL237214871243$12,650$21,555
24 Michael E. Moritz College of LawPublicColumbus, OH55152424360221$20,000$49,292
25 University of Richmond School of LawPrivateUniversity of Richmond School of Law, VA419337125106106$30,000$53,440