Law Schools with the Highest Yield

The yield, also known as enrollment rate, is the ratio of the number of enrolled students to the total number of admitted applicants. The yield is different from the acceptance rate which means the percentage of admitted students over applicants. The yield implies how the accepted students selects a school, while the acceptance rate is a result of selection process of law schools. In general, the yield is higher at top ranked law schools. In 2022, the average law school yield is 32.70% over 196 ABA accredited law school in United States. Of the 135,643 accepted applicants, 40,338 students enrolled to law schools.
The following table lists the top 25 law schools having the highest yield. You can sort the table by a column by clicking/touching the column title.
You might want to check law schools with the lowest yield.
RankSchoolYieldAcceptance RateApplication FeeTuition & FeesLSAT ScoreGPAEnrollment
1 Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of LawPrivatePonce, PR93.01%40.79%$75$16,8031353.13473
2 Cleveland-Marshall College of LawPublicCleveland, OH81.07%23.09%No Fee$29,5531553.48466
3 Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of LawPrivateSan Juan, PR72.56%47.16%No Fee$14,5101423.37710
4 Yale Law SchoolPrivateNew Haven, CT70.09%4.12%$85$71,4251743.94734
5 J. Reuben Clark Law SchoolPrivateProvo, UT70.00%39.92%No Fee$14,6361673.85393
6 Southern University Law CenterPublicBaton Rouge, LA55.01%53.94%$75$30,0341463.03715
7 Harvard Law SchoolPrivateCambridge, MA54.01%6.90%$85$71,7341743.921,907
8 Mitchell Hamline School of LawPrivateSt. Paul, MN49.81%62.38%No Fee$50,7481533.291,398
9 Duncan School of LawPrivateKnoxville, TN48.64%56.11%No Fee$41,3101503.43329
10 Thomas Goode Jones School of LawPrivateMontgomery, AL47.51%44.47%No Fee$39,5001503.23222
11 William S. Boyd School of LawPublicLas Vegas, NV46.97%31.37%$50$41,6881603.70466
12 Dwayne O. Andreas School of LawPrivateOrlando, FL46.28%57.27%No Fee$41,0501493.15728
13 University of Mississippi School of LawPublicUniversity, MS46.27%37.33%$40$37,8361563.56539
14 Regent University School of LawPrivateVirginia Beach, VA45.86%39.70%$65$39,6961563.64321
15 University of Oklahoma College of LawPublicNorman, OK45.71%50.11%$50$35,7261583.591,203
16 Stanford Law SchoolPrivateStanford, CA45.10%6.28%$85$68,9971723.91613
17 University of North Carolina School of LawPublicChapel Hill, NC44.92%15.46%$75$44,7041643.73589
17 St. Thomas University School of LawPrivateMiami Gardens, FL44.92%47.96%$40$44,8301523.32794
19 George Mason University School of LawPublicArlington, VA44.73%27.07%$70$42,4061643.81791
20 Robert H. McKinney School of LawPublicIndianapolis, IN44.34%58.63%No Fee$51,6231553.56888
21 University of Toledo College of LawPublicToledo, OH42.86%64.08%No Fee$25,2841523.42380
22 University of New Mexico School of LawPublicAlbuquerque, NM42.00%51.44%$50$42,8681563.61306
22 University of Virginia School of LawPublicCharlottesville, VA42.00%9.66%$85$71,5001713.91936
24 Elon University School of LawPrivateGreensboro, NC41.79%43.74%$50$49,0681523.31429
25 North Carolina Central University School of LawPublicDurham, NC41.32%37.87%$50$38,9641473.27460