Law Schools Application Deadlines and Explanation

The law school application usually opens in Early of September and most law schools are accepting the application through March to May next year. There are different types of deadlines such as priority and early decision deadline and it varies by school.
  • Early Decision Deadline. The deadline for early decision or early action is mostly mid of November or early of December. Some law schools such as Georgetown University Law Center and Villanova University School of Law accept the early decision application until February or March next year. If you want to apply for the early decision, you may need to check whether it is a binding or non-binding commitment.
  • Priority/scholarship Deadline. It is the deadline for merit scholarship consideration. The date varies by school, but many schools have the date in November or December. Most law schools has its own law school scholarship program and require earlier application than regular decision deadline for the scholarship. Some schools use the priority deadline as an early decision deadline.
  • Regular Decision Deadline It is the actual deadline for law school application. You may submit the application first, and then can submit other required martials such as personal statement and LSAT scores depending on school's application process policy. Some schools use the regular deadline as a final deadline, while the others allow to apply after the regular decision deadline. March 15 is the most common regular decision deadline.
  • Final Deadline Literally, It is the final chance to apply. If a school has a regular decision deadline and accepts application after that date, it may have the final deadline. In general, you need to submit all required items along with your application..
The following table lists all ABA accredited law schools with their application deadline. Note that you need to check school's application policy such as early decision and late application allowance.
Law Schools Application Deadlines
SchoolRegular DecisionMoreApplication Information
The University of Alabama School of LawPublicTuscaloosa, AL2024-07-15
Thomas Goode Jones School of LawPrivateMontgomery, AL2024-07-15
Cumberland School of LawPrivateBirmingham, AL2024-05-01
  • Priority 2024-01-06
James E. Rogers College of LawPublicTucson, AZ2024-07-15
William H. Bowen School of LawPublicLittle Rock, AR2024-04-01
  • Priority 2024-01-01
University of Arkansas School of LawPublicFayetteville, AR2024-04-01
Hastings College of the LawPublicSan Francisco, CA2024-04-15
Berkeley School of LawPublicBerkeley, CA2024-02-15
  • Priority 2023-11-15
Davis School of Law PublicDavis, CA2024-03-15
  • Priority 2023-11-01
Irvine School of LawPublicIrvine, CA2024-03-15
  • Priority 2023-11-15
Los Angeles School of LawPublicLos Angeles, CA2024-02-01
California Western School of LawPrivateSan Diego, CA2024-04-01
Chapman University School of LawPrivateOrange, CA2024-07-15
  • Priority 2024-04-15
Golden Gate University-San Francisco School of LawPrivateSan Francisco, CA2024-04-15
Loyola Law SchoolPrivateLos Angeles, CA2024-02-01
  • Early Decision 2023-12-01
McGeorge School of LawPrivateSacramento, CA2024-06-01
  • Priority 2024-02-01
Pepperdine University School of LawPrivateMalibu, CA2024-04-01
  • Priority 2024-02-01
University of San Diego School of LawPrivateSan Diego, CA2024-06-01
  • Priority 2024-02-01
  • Early Decision 2023-12-01
University of San Francisco School of LawPrivateSan Francisco, CA2024-02-01
Santa Clara University School of LawPrivateSanta Clara, CA2024-02-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-01
Gould School of LawPrivateLos Angeles, CA2024-04-01
  • Priority 2024-02-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-20
Southwestern Law SchoolPrivateLos Angeles, CA2024-04-01
  • Priority 2024-02-01
Western State College of LawPrivateIrvine, CA2024-07-15
University of Colorado Boulder School of LawPublicBoulder, CO2024-04-01
Sturm College of LawPrivateDenver, CO2024-03-01
University of Connecticut School of LawPublicHartford, CT2024-04-30
Quinnipiac University School of LawPrivateHamden, CT2024-03-01
  • Priority 2024-02-01
Yale Law SchoolPrivateNew Haven, CT2024-02-15
Washington College of LawPrivateWashington, DC2024-07-15
Columbus School of LawPrivateWashington, DC2024-03-15
  • Applicants notified of early decision 2023-12-22
  • Early Decision 2023-12-01
The George Washington University Law SchoolPrivateWashington, DC2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2024-02-01
Georgetown University Law CenterPrivateWashington, DC2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2024-03-01
Howard University School of LawPrivateWashington, DC2024-02-28
Dwayne O. Andreas School of LawPrivateOrlando, FL2024-05-01
Florida A&M University College of LawPublicOrlando, FL2024-05-31
Florida International University College of LawPublicMiami, FL2024-06-30
Florida State University College of LawPublicTallahassee, FL2024-07-31
  • Priority 2024-03-15
Levin College of LawPublicGainesville, FL2024-03-15
  • Priority 2024-03-01
University of Miami School of LawPrivateCoral Gables, FL2024-07-31
  • Priority 2024-01-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-04
Shepard Broad Law CenterPrivateFort Lauderdale, FL2024-07-01
  • Priority 2024-02-15
St. Thomas University School of LawPrivateMiami Gardens, FL2024-07-01
Stetson University College of LawPrivateGulfport, FL2024-05-15
Atlanta's John Marshall Law SchoolPrivateAtlanta, GA2024-07-21
Emory University School of LawPrivateAtlanta, GA2024-03-15
Georgia State University College of LawPublicAtlanta, GA2024-06-01
  • Priority 2024-01-15
University of Georgia School of LawPublicAthens, GA2024-06-30
  • Priority 2024-02-01
Mercer Law SchoolPrivateMacon, GA2024-01-01
William S. Richardson School of LawPublicHonolulu, HI2024-04-01
  • Priority 2024-02-01
University of Idaho College of LawPublicMoscow, ID2024-06-30
  • Priority 2024-03-15
University of Chicago Law SchoolPrivateChicago, IL2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2023-12-01
DePaul University College of LawPrivateChicago, IL2024-04-01
University of Illinois Chicago School of LawPublicChicago, IL2024-03-01
University of Illinois College of LawPublicChampaign, IL2024-03-15
Chicago-Kent College of LawPrivateChicago, IL2024-03-15
  • Decision for Priority Applicants 2024-02-15
  • Priority 2024-01-15
Loyola University Chicago School of LawPrivateChicago, IL2024-05-01
  • Recommended Regular Decision 2024-03-01
Northern Illinois University College of LawPublicDeKalb, IL2024-04-01
Northwestern Pritzker School of LawPrivateChicago, IL2024-02-15
Southern Illinois University School of LawPublicCarbondale, IL2024-07-15
Robert H. McKinney School of LawPublicIndianapolis, IN2024-05-15
  • Priority 2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
Maurer School of LawPublicBloomington, IN2024-07-15
Notre Dame Law SchoolPrivateNotre Dame, IL2024-03-15
Drake University Law SchoolPrivateDes Moines, IA2024-04-01
University of Iowa College of LawPublicIowa City, IA2024-05-01
  • Priority 2024-01-15
University of Kansas School of LawPublicLawrence, KS2024-03-01
Washburn University School of LawPublicTopeka, KS2024-04-01
University of Kentucky College of LawPublicLexington, KY2024-04-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
Louis D. Brandeis School of LawPublicLouisville, LA2024-07-15
  • Regular Decision 2024-04-15
  • Priority 2024-01-15
Salmon P. Chase College of LawPublicHighland Heights, KY2024-04-01
  • Priority 2024-02-01
Paul M. Hebert Law CenterPublicBaton Rouge, LA2024-03-01
Loyola University New Orleans College of LawPrivateNew Orleans, LA2024-07-21
  • Priority 2024-03-03
Tulane University School of LawPrivateNew Orleans, LA2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
University of Maine School of LawPublicPortland, ME2024-02-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
University of Baltimore School of LawPublicBaltimore, MD2024-07-31
  • Priority 2024-03-01
University of Maryland School of LawPublicBaltimore, MD2024-08-01
  • Priority 2024-04-01
Boston College Law SchoolPrivateNewton, MA2024-03-31
  • Early Decision 2023-12-15
  • Priority 2023-11-01
Boston University School of LawPrivateBoston, MA2024-03-01
  • BU Bound Binding Decision Program 2024-01-05
  • Early Decision Program 2023-11-10
Harvard Law SchoolPrivateCambridge, MA2024-03-20
  • Regular Decision 2024-02-20
  • Second Round of Acceptances 2024-02-14
  • First round of Acceptance 2024-01-10
  • Interviews Begin 2023-11-07
New England School of LawPrivateBoston, MA2024-04-01
Northeastern University School of LawPrivateBoston, MA2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2023-12-01
University of Massachusetts School of LawPublicNorth Dartmouth, MA2023-09-01
Suffolk University Law SchoolPrivateBoston, MA2024-04-01
Western New England University School of LawPrivateSpringfield, MA2024-03-15
Michigan State University College of LawPrivateEast Lansing, MI2024-04-30
University of Detroit Mercy School of LawPrivateDetroit, MI2024-04-15
  • Priority Scholarship 2024-02-01
University of Michigan Law SchoolPublicAnn Arbor, MI2024-02-28
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law SchoolPrivateLansing, MI2023-09-01
Wayne State University Law SchoolPublicDetroit, MI2024-08-01
  • Priority 2024-03-15
University of Minnesota Law SchoolPublicMinneapolis, MN2024-06-01
  • Early Decision 2023-12-31
University of St. Thomas School of LawPrivateMinneapolis, MN2024-08-01
Mitchell Hamline School of LawPrivateSt. Paul, MN
University of Mississippi School of LawPublicUniversity, MS2023-09-15
Mississippi College School of LawPrivateJackson, MS2024-07-10
University of Missouri School of LawPublicColumbia, MO2024-03-15
  • Priority 2024-01-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
University of Missouri - Kansas City School of LawPublicKansas City, MO2024-07-01
  • Final 2024-04-01
  • Priority 2024-03-01
Saint Louis University School of LawPrivateQueens, NY2024-02-01
Washington University School of LawPrivateSt. Louis, MO2023-09-01
University of Montana School of LawPublicMissoula, MT2024-07-15
Creighton University School of LawPrivateOmaha, NE2024-07-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-01
University of Nebraska - Lincoln College of LawPublicLincoln, NE2024-03-01
William S. Boyd School of LawPublicLas Vegas, NV2024-03-15
University of New Hampshire School of LawPublicConcord, NH2024-03-15
Rutgers Law School - Camden campusPublicCamden, NJ2024-07-01
  • Regular Decision 2024-03-15
  • Early Decision II 2024-03-01
  • Early Decision I 2023-12-01
Seton Hall University School of LawPrivateNewark, NJ2024-04-01
University of New Mexico School of LawPublicAlbuquerque, NM2024-07-15
  • Priority 2024-03-01
Albany Law SchoolPrivateAlbany, NY2024-08-01
  • Priority 2024-03-15
Brooklyn Law SchoolPrivateBrooklyn, NY2023-09-01
Columbia Law SchoolPrivateNew York, NY2024-02-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
Cornell Law SchoolPrivateIthaca, NY2024-03-01
  • Early Decision II 2024-01-08
  • Early Decision I 2023-11-01
City University of New York School of LawPublicLong Island City, NY2024-05-15
  • Early Decision 2024-01-01
Fordham University School of LawPrivateNew York, NY2024-03-15
  • Early Decision 2023-10-15
Hofstra University School of LawPrivateHempstead, NY2024-04-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
New York Law SchoolPrivateNew York, NY2024-06-30
  • Priority 2024-03-15
New York University School of LawPrivateNew York, NY2024-02-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
Pace University School of LawPrivateWhite Plains, NY2024-06-01
St. John's University School of LawPrivateQueens, NY2024-03-15
University at Buffalo Law SchoolPublicBuffalo, NY2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
Syracuse University College of LawPrivateSyracuse, NY2024-06-30
  • Priority 2024-03-15
Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law CenterPrivateCentral Islip, NY2024-05-01
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of LawPrivateNew York, NY2024-04-01
Norman Adrian Wiggins School of LawPrivateRaleigh, NC2024-05-01
  • Priority 2023-11-15
Duke University School of LawPrivateDurham, NC2024-02-15
  • Early Decision II 2024-01-06
  • Early Decision I 2023-11-04
Elon University School of LawPrivateGreensboro, NC2024-07-15
University of North Carolina School of LawPublicChapel Hill, NC2024-05-01
  • Priority 2024-03-01
North Carolina Central University School of LawPublicDurham, NC2024-04-30
Wake Forest University School of LawPrivateWinston-Salem, NC2024-03-01
University of North Dakota School of LawPublicGrand Forks, ND2024-04-01
University of Akron School of LawPublicAkron, OH2024-03-31
Capital University Law SchoolPrivateColumbus, OH2024-05-01
Case Western Reserve University School of LawPrivateCleveland, OH2024-04-01
  • Priority 2024-03-01
  • Applicants notified of early decision 2023-12-20
  • Early Decision 2023-11-30
University of Cincinnati College of LawPublicCincinnati, OH2024-03-15
Cleveland-Marshall College of LawPublicCleveland, OH2024-07-01
  • Early Decision II 2024-01-01
  • Early Decision I 2023-11-01
University of Dayton School of LawPrivateDayton, OH2024-05-01
Claude W. Pettit College of LawPrivateAda, OH2024-08-01
  • Priority 2024-05-01
Michael E. Moritz College of LawPublicColumbus, OH2024-07-01
  • Preferred 2024-03-31
  • Early Decision 2023-11-18
University of Toledo College of LawPublicToledo, OH2024-08-01
  • Priority 2024-04-15
Oklahoma City University School of LawPrivateOklahoma City, OK2024-02-15
University of Oklahoma College of LawPublicNorman, OK2024-07-15
University of Tulsa College of LawPrivateTulsa, OK2024-07-31
Lewis & Clark Law SchoolPrivatePortland, OR2024-03-15
  • Priority 2024-02-15
University of Oregon School of LawPublicEugene, OR2024-03-01
Willamette University College of LawPrivateSalem, OR2024-08-01
  • Early Decision 2023-12-15
Penn State Dickinson LawPublicCarlisle, PA2024-06-30
  • Early Decision 2023-12-01
Drexel University School of LawPrivatePhiladelphia, PA2024-04-01
  • Priority Scholarship 2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
Duquesne Kline School of LawPrivatePittsburgh, PA2024-04-01
Penn State LawPublicUniversity Park, PA2024-03-31
  • Early Decision 2023-12-01
University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolPrivatePhiladelphia, PA2024-03-01
  • Early Decision II 2024-01-07
  • Early Decision I 2023-11-15
University of Pittsburgh Law SchoolPublicPittsburgh, PA2024-05-01
Beasley School of LawPublicPhiladelphia, PA2024-03-01
Villanova University School of LawPrivateVillanova, PA2024-07-01
  • Early Decision II 2024-03-15
  • Early Decision I 2023-12-15
Widener Law CommonwealthPrivateHarrisburg, PA2024-07-01
  • Priority 2024-05-01
  • Early Action 2024-02-01
  • Early Decision 2024-01-01
University of South Carolina School of LawPublicColumbia, SC2024-03-01
University of South Dakota School of LawPublicVermillion, SD2024-07-01
Belmont University College of LawPrivateNashville, TN2024-05-05
Duncan School of LawPrivateKnoxville, TN2024-07-15
Cecil C. Humphreys School of LawPublicMemphis, TN2024-08-01
  • Priority 2024-03-15
University of Tennessee College of LawPublicKnoxville, TN2023-12-15
Vanderbilt University Law SchoolPrivateNashville, TN2024-04-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-01
Baylor Law SchoolPrivateWaco, TX2024-03-15
  • Early Decision 2023-12-15
  • Priority 2023-11-10
University of Houston Law CenterPublicHouston, TX2024-03-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
St. Mary's University School of LawPrivateSan Antonio, TX2024-03-01
  • Early 2023-11-11
South Texas College of LawPrivateHouston, TX2024-05-09
  • Regular Decision 2024-03-26
  • Priority 2024-02-10
Dedman School of LawPrivateDallas, TX2023-09-01
  • Regular Decision 2023-03-01
Texas A&M University School of LawPublicFort Worth, TX2024-05-31
  • Late Decision 2024-04-03
  • Priority 2 Decision 2024-03-01
  • Priority 1 Decision 2024-02-01
University of Texas School of LawPublicAustin, TX2024-03-01
  • Early Decision 2023-11-01
Thurgood Marshall School of LawPublicHouston, TX2024-08-01
Texas Tech University School of LawPublicLubbock, TX2024-03-01
J. Reuben Clark Law SchoolPrivateProvo, UT2024-05-01
  • Priority 2024-03-01
S.J. Quinney College of LawPublicSalt Lake City, UT2024-03-10
  • Priority 2024-01-15
  • Early Decision 2023-10-28
Vermont Law SchoolPrivateSouth Royalton, VT2024-07-15
  • Priority 2024-04-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
Marshall-Wythe School of LawPublicWilliamsburg, VA2024-03-01
Regent University School of LawPrivateVirginia Beach, VA2024-07-31
George Mason University School of LawPublicArlington, VA2024-03-01
Liberty University School of LawPrivateLynchburg, VA2024-08-01
  • Early Decision 2023-12-20
University of Richmond School of LawPrivateUniversity of Richmond School of Law, VA2024-03-01
  • Priority 2024-02-15
  • Early Decision 2023-12-15
University of Virginia School of LawPublicCharlottesville, VA2024-03-01
  • Priority 2024-02-10
Washington and Lee University School of LawPrivateLexington, VA2024-07-01
  • Priority 2024-03-15
Gonzaga University School of LawPrivateSpokane, MA2024-04-15
Seattle University School of LawPrivateSeattle, WA2024-07-15
  • Priority 2024-03-01
University of Washington School of LawPublicSeattle, WA2024-03-15
  • Priority 2024-01-15
  • Early Decision 2023-11-15
West Virginia University College of LawPublicMorgantown, WV2024-07-31
  • Priority 2024-03-15
Marquette University Law SchoolPrivateMilwaukee, WI2024-04-01
University of Wisconsin Law SchoolPublicMadison, MI2024-04-03
  • Early Decision 2023-11-30
University of Wyoming College of LawPublicLaramie, WY2024-04-30
  • Early Decision 2023-12-15
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of LawPrivatePonce, PR2024-06-30
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of LawPrivateSan Juan, PR2024-06-30
University of Puerto Rico School of LawPublicSan Juan, PR2024-03-31
Stanford Law SchoolPrivateStanford, CA2024-02-15
  • Priority 2023-12-06
David A. Clarke School of LawPublicWashington, DC2024-05-01
  • Early Decision 2024-02-15
Roger Williams University School of LawPrivateBristol, RI2024-07-31
Appalachian School of LawPrivateGrundy, GA2024-08-05
Southern University Law CenterPublicBaton Rouge, LA2023-09-01
  • Regular Decision 2023-05-01
Ave Maria School of LawPrivateNaples, FL2024-07-15
Sandra Day O'Connor College of LawPublicPhoenix, AZ2024-08-01
  • Priority 2024-03-01
Charleston School of LawPrivateCharleston, SC2024-03-01
UNT Dallas College of LawPublicDallas, TX2024-04-30
Widener Law DelawarePrivateWilmington, DE2024-08-01