Law Schools with the Lowest Yield

31.46% Average Law School Admission Yield

The yield, also known as enrollment rate, is the ratio of the number of enrolled students to the total number of admitted applicants. The yield is different from the acceptance rate which means the percentage of admitted students over applicants.
The yield implies how the accepted students selects a school, while the acceptance rate is a result of selection process of law schools.
In 2023, the average law school yield is 31.46% over 196 ABA-accredited law school in United States. Of the 128,500 accepted applicants, 36,795 students enrolled to law schools.
Golden Gate University-San Francisco School of Law has the lowest yield of 11.61%. University of San Francisco School of Law and University of Colorado Boulder School of Law follow it with 13.35% and 15.41% yield respectively.
You might want to check law schools with the highest yield.

Top 25 Lowest Yield Law Schools

The following table lists the top 25 Lowest Yield Law Schools.
The average acceptance rate of the schools is 40.93% and the yield is 31.46%. The average LSAT score submitted by enrolled students is 158 and the average GPA is 3.58 at Lowest Yield Law Schools.
The average 2024 tuition & fees is $30,198 state residents and $43,313 for out-of-state students. In private law schools, the tuition & fees is $55,993. The average financial aid amount is $21,012 which is 41.67% of tuition & fees.
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RankSchoolYieldAcceptance RateApplication FeeTuition & Fees (2024)LSAT ScoreGPAEnrollment
1 Golden Gate University-San Francisco School of LawPrivateSan Francisco, CA11.61%25.53%No Fee$56,0001543.15349
2 University of San Francisco School of LawPrivateSan Francisco, CA13.35%46.35%$60$54,2501553.42558
3 University of Colorado Boulder School of LawPublicBoulder, CO15.41%31.23%$65$42,2171643.72541
4 University of Massachusetts School of LawPublicNorth Dartmouth, MA16.13%59.36%$50$41,2721523.47376
5 Boston University School of LawPrivateBoston, MA16.71%16.33%$85$65,0201703.841,151
6 Pepperdine University School of LawPrivateMalibu, CA17.02%27.68%No Fee$68,0461643.851,222
7 New England School of LawPrivateBoston, MA17.18%71.04%No Fee$57,2981543.361,067
8 Baylor Law SchoolPrivateWaco, TX17.57%23.87%No Fee$61,8771633.72475
9 Washington and Lee University School of LawPrivateLexington, VA17.64%32.71%No Fee$55,5501643.66376
10 Vanderbilt University Law SchoolPrivateNashville, TN17.75%14.53%$70$72,1841703.90586
11 Quinnipiac University School of LawPrivateHamden, CT17.91%67.03%No Fee$54,8801523.56384
12 University of Richmond School of LawPrivateUniversity of Richmond School of Law, VA18.54%33.67%No Fee$53,4401633.75424
13 Appalachian School of LawPrivateGrundy, GA18.55%48.50%No Fee$41,0001463.21152
14 Texas A&M University School of LawPublicFort Worth, TX19.05%16.33%$65$48,6181643.931,404
15 Santa Clara University School of LawPrivateSanta Clara, CA19.34%52.29%No Fee$59,2541583.42673
16 Northeastern University School of LawPrivateBoston, MA19.35%31.05%No Fee$60,5621633.70832
17 Penn State LawPublicUniversity Park, PA19.54%30.86%$60$56,4361623.72632
18 Emory University School of LawPrivateAtlanta, GA19.91%26.05%$85$65,5101683.80870
19 New York Law SchoolPrivateNew York, NY20.00%51.53%No Fee$64,8241553.531,037
20 Loyola University Chicago School of LawPrivateChicago, IL20.69%41.75%$50$56,1861593.561,199
21 Penn State Dickinson LawPublicCarlisle, PA20.79%36.80%No Fee$57,9021613.61279
22 Washington College of LawPrivateWashington, DC20.94%33.77%$70$63,0881623.611,457
23 University of San Diego School of LawPrivateSan Diego, CA21.11%34.48%No Fee$62,9811613.74837
24 University of Oregon School of LawPublicEugene, OR21.36%55.26%No Fee$57,5861583.57552
25 University of Washington School of LawPublicSeattle, WA21.51%30.29%$60$55,6171643.70730