Law Schools with the Lowest LSAT Score

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an integral part of law school admission administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Currently, it is composed of Multiple-choice LSAT questions and LSAT writing. The multiple-choice test includes reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning questions. In the writing part, the applicants will demonstrate their persuasive writing skills. Most law schools require to submit a sample of LSAT writing in application process, although writing samples do not receive a score. The range of LSAT score is 120 (lowest) to 180 (highest).
In 2022, the average LSAT score submitted by first-year enrolled students is 158. has the lowest LSAT score of 135. Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law and Southern University Law Center follow it with 142 and 146 respectively.
The following table lists the top 25 law schools having the lowest LSAT scores. You can sort the table by a column by clicking/touching the column title.
RankSchoolLSAT ScoreGPAAcceptance RateTuition & FeesEnrollmentBar Exam Pass Rate
1 Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of LawPrivatePonce, PR1353.1340.79%$16,80347332.58%
2 Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of LawPrivateSan Juan, PR1423.3747.16%$14,51071035.00%
3 Southern University Law CenterPublicBaton Rouge, LA1463.0353.94%$30,03471541.66%
4 Appalachian School of LawPrivateGrundy, GA1473.2742.21%$41,00015841.18%
4 North Carolina Central University School of LawPublicDurham, NC1473.2737.87%$38,96446079.31%
6 Northern Illinois University College of LawPublicDeKalb, IL1483.2062.27%$22,55932281.58%
6 Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law SchoolPrivateLansing, MI1482.9948.95%$44,14070645.92%
6 Widener Law CommonwealthPrivateHarrisburg, PA1483.2058.87%$53,91033769.66%
9 Dwayne O. Andreas School of LawPrivateOrlando, FL1493.1557.27%$41,05072858.68%
9 David A. Clarke School of LawPublicWashington, DC1493.0842.15%$27,36122964.18%
9 Florida A&M University College of LawPublicOrlando, FL1493.4237.03%$48,61841660.97%
9 Oklahoma City University School of LawPrivateOklahoma City, OK1493.3059.34%$36,60048176.07%
9 University of Puerto Rico School of LawPublicSan Juan, PR1493.7566.96%$8,68053342.18%
9 Southern Illinois University School of LawPublicCarbondale, IL1493.3659.21%$23,73724658.33%
15 Thomas Goode Jones School of LawPrivateMontgomery, AL1503.2344.47%$39,50022262.74%
15 University of Illinois Chicago School of LawPublicChicago, IL1503.3159.56%$39,2901,07764.39%
15 Duncan School of LawPrivateKnoxville, TN1503.4356.11%$41,31032976.39%
15 Mississippi College School of LawPrivateJackson, MS1503.2461.97%$38,20236566.66%
15 University of North Dakota School of LawPublicGrand Forks, ND1503.3954.66%$32,22023585.71%
15 Claude W. Pettit College of LawPrivateAda, OH1503.4347.29%$32,95016365.91%
15 Roger Williams University School of LawPrivateBristol, RI1503.1763.02%$44,71552769.44%
15 University of South Dakota School of LawPublicVermillion, SD1503.4468.98%$36,33322675.51%
15 Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law CenterPrivateCentral Islip, NY1503.1551.97%$54,70058370.73%
15 University of Massachusetts School of LawPublicNorth Dartmouth, MA1503.3664.47%$39,55036661.82%
15 Western New England University School of LawPrivateSpringfield, MA1503.4757.42%$48,42039663.02%