Smallest Law Schools with the Least Students

Law schools do not have a large number of students, and the numbers are not much changed from year to year. In 2022, total 138,586 students enrolled in law schools in United States. Among them, 117,305 students (84.64%) enrolled in JD (Juris Doctor) program and 21,044 students (15.18%) enrolled in non-JD (Juris Doctor) program.
Appalachian School of Law has the least number of students of 158. Claude W. Pettit College of Law and Thomas Goode Jones School of Law follow it with 163 and 222 respectively.
The following table lists the top 25 law schools having the least number of students. You can sort the table by a column by clicking/touching the column title.
RankSchoolEnrollmentJD EnrollmentNon-JD EnrollmentTuition & FeesAcceptance RateLSAT ScoreGPABar Exam Pass Rate
1 Appalachian School of LawPrivateGrundy, GA1581580$41,00042.21%1473.2741.18%
2 Claude W. Pettit College of LawPrivateAda, OH1631630$32,95047.29%1503.4365.91%
3 Thomas Goode Jones School of LawPrivateMontgomery, AL2222220$39,50044.47%1503.2362.74%
4 University of South Dakota School of LawPublicVermillion, SD2262260$36,33368.98%1503.4475.51%
4 Western State College of LawPrivateIrvine, CA2262260$44,58046.03%1503.1151.69%
6 David A. Clarke School of LawPublicWashington, DC2292272$27,36142.15%1493.0864.18%
6 University of Wyoming College of LawPublicLaramie, WY2292290$35,66450.83%1543.3272.41%
8 University of North Dakota School of LawPublicGrand Forks, ND2352350$32,22054.66%1503.3985.71%
9 Southern Illinois University School of LawPublicCarbondale, IL2462460$23,73759.21%1493.3658.33%
10 Penn State Dickinson LawPublicCarlisle, PA2602564$54,61439.58%1613.5491.67%
11 University of Maine School of LawPublicPortland, ME2662588$36,58052.28%1583.5784.62%
12 Ave Maria School of LawPrivateNaples, FL2992990$48,15648.80%1513.1767.16%
13 Atlanta's John Marshall Law SchoolPrivateAtlanta, GA3013010$49,57843.06%1513.1360.00%
13 S.J. Quinney College of LawPublicSalt Lake City, UT30128813$43,59825.52%1633.8294.44%
15 University of New Mexico School of LawPublicAlbuquerque, NM30629610$42,86851.44%1563.6185.85%
16 Regent University School of LawPrivateVirginia Beach, VA3213210$39,69639.70%1563.6490.62%
17 Northern Illinois University College of LawPublicDeKalb, IL3223220$22,55962.27%1483.2081.58%
18 Duncan School of LawPrivateKnoxville, TN3293290$41,31056.11%1503.4376.39%
19 William S. Richardson School of LawPublicHonolulu, HI3313310$46,58832.74%1563.5478.12%
19 Washburn University School of LawPublicTopeka, KS3313256$37,43949.02%1553.5381.82%
21 West Virginia University College of LawPublicMorgantown, WV3333330$42,12059.15%1543.5682.22%
22 Widener Law CommonwealthPrivateHarrisburg, PA3373370$53,91058.87%1483.2069.66%
23 University of Montana School of LawPublicMissoula, MT34024892$41,17740.91%1563.5092.18%
24 Louis D. Brandeis School of LawPublicLouisville, LA3433430$30,55051.46%1563.5689.00%
25 Drake University Law SchoolPrivateDes Moines, IA34533312$45,91266.48%1553.5084.79%